Crunchy Mommy and Daddy Hiking to the River with Toddler & Baby (Mom Influencer) Naturally Chauntel

I am a crunchy mommy, and our family is hiking to the river with a toddler and baby! I have been a mom influencer for 5 years. Welcome to our family outing vlog!

Published by Chauntel Delgado

Hi I'm Chauntel, a small town girl with a big heart who knows the value of loving God and her family. I produce relationship advice and natural mommy videos on YouTube. I also coach and train mompreneurs to build a brand that matters so that they can do more of what they love using the YouTube platform. The world is so beautiful so we should appreciate every second that God has given to us! Peace and Love! Connect with me! @askchauntel Email Advice Column questions to askchauntel@gmail.com

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