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Welcome to my Natural Christian Mom Channel. I share my life is a natural mom. I am Christian mom who values natural living which makes me a crunchy mama. Subscribe for more! 🙂

This is my new Youtube Channel Trailer. I had so much fun putting it together for you guys real quick. It gives you a preview into the type of content that I will be producing on my new mom channel. It is healthy natural living on a budget with style. Oh yeah, subscribe to my channel for me!



Luv 2 Play Indoor Playground – Vlog Mom

We are family vloggers at the Luv 2 Play Indoor Playground. We had so much fun bringing our girls here!

Here is some inspiration on things to do with toddlers. Luv to play is reasonably priced. I also love how they have a place for you to eat while you are there. They have a few great options, and it’s actually good. It is no fun going to a fun place like this and the food tastes gross;  I am so glad they take the time to provide tasty food.

You can also do birthday parties there too for a great price. We are thinking of doing one there in the future. This was the first indoor playground franchise that we have been too besides the “original” Chuckie Cheese. I found it to be fun even for me, apparently a big kid, lol.

As you can see from the vlog we got super involved with the girls, and they even had an area just for babies to play. I got a work out.

Have you been to an indoor play area with your toddler? Comment below and let me know if you have ever been to one 🙂


1 Year Old First Sentence – Natural Mom Vlog – Two Toddlers with Mama at Park – Family Outing

I am a Crunchy Christian Mom! In this natural mom vlog we share our family outing with two toddlers at the park. Baby Eden speaks her first sentence! Baby first are sweet!

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Knotts Berry Farm Family Outing with Toddler Sisters – Natural Mom Vlog – Naturally Chauntel

There are so many fun things to do with kids near me. We took a staycation and filmed a natural mom Knotts Berry farm vlog! California has so many fun attractions, If you visit definitely take your babies to have fun I am a Crunchy Christian Mom! Here is a video from my new mom channel! I am a married mommy and we have so much family fun doing the simple staycations.