Crunchy Mommy and Daddy Hiking to the River with Toddler & Baby (Mom Influencer) Naturally Chauntel

I am a crunchy mommy, and our family is hiking to the river with a toddler and baby! I have been a mom influencer for 5 years. Welcome to our family outing vlog!

Natural Mom Blogs – Naturally Chauntel

Welcome to my Natural Christian Mom Channel. I share my life is a natural mom. I am Christian mom who values natural living which makes me a crunchy mama. https://youtu.be/MLEyXAbEP4E Subscribe for more! 🙂 This is my new Youtube Channel Trailer. I had so much fun putting it together for you guys real quick. ItContinue reading “Natural Mom Blogs – Naturally Chauntel”

Luv 2 Play Indoor Playground – Vlog Mom

We are family vloggers at the Luv 2 Play Indoor Playground. We had so much fun bringing our girls here! Here is some inspiration on things to do with toddlers. Luv to play is reasonably priced. I also love how they have a place for you to eat while you are there. They have aContinue reading “Luv 2 Play Indoor Playground – Vlog Mom”

1 Year Old First Sentence – Natural Mom Vlog – Two Toddlers with Mama at Park – Family Outing

I am a Crunchy Christian Mom! In this natural mom vlog we share our family outing with two toddlers at the park. Baby Eden speaks her first sentence! Baby first are sweet! Check Out My Blog: http://www.naturallychauntel.com Let’s Connect! http://www.instagram.com/naturallychauntel http://www.facebook.com/naturallychauntel

Knotts Berry Farm Family Outing with Toddler Sisters – Natural Mom Vlog – Naturally Chauntel

There are so many fun things to do with kids near me. We took a staycation and filmed a natural mom Knotts Berry farm vlog! California has so many fun attractions, If you visit definitely take your babies to have fun I am a Crunchy Christian Mom! Here is a video from my new momContinue reading “Knotts Berry Farm Family Outing with Toddler Sisters – Natural Mom Vlog – Naturally Chauntel”